Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cheap Last Minute Cruise

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More and more people take cruises to the Caribbean than anywhere else in the world. Because of the warm climate; an astounding array of ports of call, each with its own distinctive character and appeal; clear thousands of beaches, including some of the world's best; great shopping at duty free prices; and incredibly clear seas teeming with marine life make this part of the world a perfect cruise vacation destination.

A typical weeklong cruise allows vacationers to sample these varied cultures, history and peoples at four or five different ports. Each port call opens the door to a new slice of paradise, where you might discover traces of France or Britain or the Netherlands or Spain woven into the distinctive pace and style of the regions many individual nations.

Europe is relatively small as continents go. And since it's surrounded by water, it only makes sense to explore it by sea, where the grandeur of Europe is never out of sight.

Step ashore in Istanbul where the brilliance of golden domes is matched only by the dazzling Mediterranean sun. Gaze upon the awesome fjords of Norway. Stand before the inscrutable Sphinx and ponder awhile. Tour the grand palaces filled with the works of Michelangelo, Donatello and da Vinci. Wander through the medieval castles and Gothic cathedrals; the gilded concert halls where the operas of Puccini and Verdi, and the symphonies of Mozart and Beethoven and Chopin were first performed.

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cheap cruises said...

You may want to consider "Repositioning Cruises". Cruise Lines usually re-deploy ships to another regions because of seasonal changes. They do not want sail the ships to the destination with no passengers.

book flights said...

This is great! I love cruises, the best one I ever had is in Australia. and its cheap too :)

Dennis said...

Like the other guy said above, repositioning cruises are a great way to get a bargain but you need to be prepared to go at odd times.

Nice blog.

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